Nada Yoga is the yoga of deep inner listening. Nada in sanskrit means sound.


Sound is refined vibration. Every sound has a pulsating vibration. Sound is the essence of all energy.


The first step in nada yoga is to refine your ability to really listen to all the sounds around you. Once you have refined your external listening, you can turn your listening inwards. To be able to truly listen externally is to serve the world, to truly listen internally is to serve the divine within.


Yoga is derived from the sanskrit root yuj: to yoke/union.  The practice of yoga is about bringing all elements of oneself into union with that which is un-changing, ATMAN. Connecting to the divine within ourselves and then seeing the divine within others. To bring union of one’s self you must listen deeply and learn to hear with an internal ear as your guide.


The first vibration, Nadam, is “unstruck” meaning that it is self originating. It occurs without two things striking together. That very first subtle vibration is still resonating through each and every vibration that has arisen since the beginning.


The Hatha Yoga Pradipika states that samadhi (union with the divine/oneness of being) is achieved when the anahata nadam, the unstruck sound, can be heard. The aim in yoga is to hear the soundless sound, which is OM, the beginning and end of all sound and the music of the spheres. The fruits of practicing nada yoga is to develop the ability to listen and be receptive enough to perceive the subtlest sounds emanating within each of us.


Each breath and each posture carries it’s own unique signature vibration. The asana practice is like a tuning fork bringing the marriage of breath and posture together. The job of the practitioner is to listen deeply, to feel deeply so they can  hear and know when the two are aligned and then sing on a unique energetic frequency.

By beginning and ending our classes with OM we are honoring the first sound, the vibration that resonates within ourselves and all living beings. We are honoring the beginning and end of creation, the marriage of the external and internal worlds, the finite with the infinite, the first and last sound we will experience at birth and later return back to source.

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