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The gift of enlightenment is in the process.  Enlightenment is not a blue ribbon to be won.  Rather, we should focus on the the divine intimacy we foster and experience in the here and now.


Take a moment to sit and be still. Feel the warm animal of your body breathing. Even tune into the energy your body is resting in right now in this moment. Simply the act of breathing and being fully conscious of this moment creates energy. Already you are able to step into your practice with a level of resting energy that can carry you through the upcoming journey. But if you could add a second or third energy to your resting state how much further would this take you?



There is a second form of energy that is flowing through prayer, attention, intention and shear will whose subtle exchanges have the power to create demonstrable effects in the physical realm. There are many realms wisdom teaches, not just earth, heaven and hell, but countless dimensions of existence all of which exist to manifest or mirror an aspect of our divine fullness. There is a quote from Jesus in the bible and upon saying his farewells he tells them “In my father’s house there are many dwelling places.”


I believe that house is our own body, our own soul. We simply have but to breathe life and space into each of these rooms in order to clean them out and make space for our own divinity, our own many dwelling places to be filled with love. Our earthly experience is not about good behavior in preparation for a final judgement. It’s not a finishing school where we learn what we need to learn, nor is it a sweat shop in which we work off our karmic debt.


The most productive orientation for our time here is not to focus on how quickly we can get back to our spiritual homeland but to give ourselves fully to the divine intimacy being ventured right here and now. Spend a little time each day working towards the divine. Go about your process of enlightenment like a man whose hair is on fire looking for a pond.

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