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Nadam: Listening for the Unstruck Sound

Nada Yoga is the yoga of deep inner listening. Nada in sanskrit means sound.   Sound is refined vibration. Every sound has a pulsating vibration. Sound is the essence of all energy.   The first step in nada yoga is to refine your ability to really listen to all the sounds around you. Once you…

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Courageously Calling Wildness

  When I first read the Jivamukti’s focus of the month on wildness I got excited. My own personal search to regain my inner wild began back a little over a year ago and has slowly but surely began to creep into my every day existence.   I first recognized my desire to reclaim my…

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In Memory of the Warriors Near and Far

  As I sat this afternoon working on how best to honor a holiday like Memorial day I thought of how today is a day to celebrate the memory of others. It brought me to the question of why memory is so important. I once read a quote that we exist only through our relationships…

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Marga & Yoga Practice as the Hunter’s Path

The Sanskrit word marga means the way or the path. The word originally referred to the hunter’s path.  Yoga practice is seen as a kind of hunt for the real – for the lurking wild game of our true nature. Like hunters sometimes you have to sit and wait motionless, even for days at a…

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Working Towards the Divine & Living Your Enlightenment

  The gift of enlightenment is in the process.  Enlightenment is not a blue ribbon to be won.  Rather, we should focus on the the divine intimacy we foster and experience in the here and now.   Take a moment to sit and be still. Feel the warm animal of your body breathing. Even tune into the energy your body…

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Embracing Savasana: Yoga as a Life Cycle

  A yoga class represents a life cycle. We begin in childs pose and we end in corpse pose or savasana.  The beginning of your life starts with an inhale and the end of your life finishes on an exhale. As you draw your first breath on the mat create a sense of purpose/ and intention…

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